Found an injured or orphaned bat? Bat World Sanctuary's Local Rescue/Assistance page lists volunteer bat workers or rehabilitators so click on your state. If you believe that the bat has in any way made contact with bare skin or bitten through clothing, made contact with domestic animals, or was found inside a residence where it could have made contact with sleeping or disabled persons or with children, please promptly call your local health department or animal control agency for advice.

Bats have very specific dietary requirements, and should only be cared for by trained, rabies-vaccinated rehabilitators familiar with our local bat species and the nutritional needs of each species. If you're interested in bat conservation issues and how to help bats worldwide, Bat Conservation International has a great website. If you're interested in volunteering to help bats, Bat World has information about how to get involved with hands-on bat care.

Please help protect and conserve our declining bat populations by donating to
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